DISCOVER Euro Information

By offering the best of the technologies in its banking applications, Euro-Information provides our members and all our users with answers adapted to their needs and uses

Euro-Information's mission enables the Group's various entities and their members and customers to have the best tools and solutions with guaranteed quality of service and security.

To achieve this goal, we need creative, autonomous, dynamic people, with requirements of well-done work, in teams, and who are recognized in the following values:


Quality of service

Everyone contributes in their work to the quality of service provided to the Group and its members and customers.

Quality requires the mobilization of all of us.


Our priority remains

To cultivate expertise and knowledge of business (knowledge).

To develop the necessary expertise to remain competitive and bring a high added value to the Group, its members and its customers.

Develop professionalism and teamwork skills (know-how).

Developing the skills of each one remains a major objective


Putting the competence of each one at the expertise service of the company

Develop our ability to work together.

Encourage capitalization on best practices.


Keep control

Be the actor and force of proposals

Creation and Innovation

Our goal is to promote and develop collaborative innovation:

Cultivate the spirit of innovation and creation.

Stay tuned with the main technological developments.

To gain a competitive advantage for the Group, its members and customers.


For shared knowledge and increased efficiency:

Communicate using the right vector according to the nature of the communication need.

To inform by promoting the right circulation of information in teams and in a multisite and multi-country context.