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Published the 11/10/20



The UX Solutions domain at Euro-Information

We supply methods, tools, documentation, templates and training to all digital service designers: BUs, IT, marketing, UX/ UI Designers, Ergonomists, graphic integrators, etc.


· At every service design step: UX Research, ideation, personas, use cases, routes, prototyping, development, qualification, performance measurement and ongoing improvement.

· For every channel: customers on the web and Apps, employees on intranet.

Thanks to our Design System, we help the BUs and IT to be user-centric, to industrialise, to homogenise and to carry, under different visual identities, the user interfaces they produce.

Our internal prototyping software helps the IT division to design with this Design System and automatically generates the development code: this multiplies the interface design skills and makes the design process smoother.

We currently have three vacancies, so what are you waiting for? Join us now!