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Pratical informations

Published the 06/05/19




Euro-Information is a partner of the Technology University of Troyes (UTT) and the UTT Foundation and took part in the Crunch Time 2019 event held from 21 to 23 May.


What is Crunch Time ?


# A suggestion box in XXL format

# An event organised by the Technology University of Troyes (UTT), the UTT Foundation and Innov’UTT.

# Technology challenges taken up by the over 800 engineering students of the UTT (graduate and post-graduate).


During the three-day event, students worked in multidisciplinary teams (Automation, IT, Logistics, Materials, Mechanical Engineering and Networks) on innovative subjects selected by partner companies.


At the end of the three days, the students submitted their suggestions in writing and at an oral presentation.


A fine opportunity for future engineers and companies to get to grips with concrete subjects and work together towards a shared goal: innovation!


The challenge for Euro-Information :


In 2019, Activity Manager Philippe and IT Project Manager Jean-Marc suggested a subject that addressed risk prevention: offering an assistance service for isolated individuals.


We would like to thank Philippe and Jean-Marc and the UTT and its students, who showed that they were up to the challenge.