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Published the 12/27/18



La Nuit de l’Info.

La Nuit de l’info takes place every year on the first Thursday of December, from sunset until sunrise the following morning.

It’s a national competition that brings together students, teachers and businesses to work together on developing a Web application and many other subjects.

Participants have one night in which to propose, implement and package a Web 2.0 application.

In the course of the night, partners launch challenges (for example: the most ergonomic Web interface, the best system architecture, the best collaboration, etc.) to the participating teams and offer prizes to those that have the best results.


Objectives of this event:

The objective of this event is to get students to work together in a national IT challenge. These challenges mainly concern the use of new technologies, such as Web 2.0, social media and multimedia technologies.

In addition to its unique and original aspect, this event allows IT students and those from other backgrounds, such as communication and multimedia, to autonomously take part in a collective project on current topics.


The Euro Information challenge:

For the 2018 edition, Geoffrey Bohr, System & Network Computer Engineer, put forward a security-oriented topic: Identify yourself!

Security is an increasingly important issue in application development, regardless of the medium on which it is made available. A central element of this security is the way in which users can identify themselves.

Today, many companies are offering simpler, but not necessarily more secure, authentication methods (for example, some forms of biometrics which are ultimately easy to trick) or more secure, but less practical methods (for example, two-factor authentication which requires a physical token).

The challenge was to come up with a new method (within technologically feasible limits) or to improve an existing method to make it more secure  and/or practical for users. It could apply to a Website, a smartphone app, or both, and you could propose the use of external peripherals or specific sensors (as long as it remained realistic).


44 teams rose to the challenge for this 2018 edition!

Our challenge was won by two teams:

- 401 Unauthorized

 - Overdose


We would like to thank Mr Goeffrey Bohr for proposing the subject and for his involvement, as well as all students who took part in this night of craziness.

See you next yearJ!